The Letter

Dear Friends,

Greetings of hope!

My name is Archie Riva, 24 years old, a young professional, and a breadwinner.

When we take a look at our lives and question why certain things happen, we sometimes end up not finding any answers. What is it that God wants me to see and become? Why does He present me with challenges that seem too overwhelming and improbable to solve? Why the person I love and why now? How do I face up to this crisis?

I have been asking myself these questions for the past days, keeping me awake at night and preoccupied even during the working hours. These are the questions I lift up to the Lord in great faith so that I could find answers for the healing of my mother.

My mother’s name is Marivic. She is now 52 years old and is a public high school teacher in Davao. All her years, she lived an admirable life of sacrifice. To mention a few, she was able to finish her education despite the lack of funds by working in a shirt merchandising store, nursing little children and doing household chores for neighbors and friends. She was able to send me and my younger brother to private schools despite our family’s humble income by working on extended hours and weekends as a distance high school teacher. She practically gave up her life so that she could provide her family with the best life possible.

This time around, it is her life I am trying to save.

In October of 2009, she was diagnosed to have an End-Stage Renal Disease, or the complete failure of both kidneys to function. This meant that her kidneys could no longer filter wastes, regulate important body functions, and maintain a healthy balance of necessary elements in the blood. When left untreated, it could pollute her bloodstream and cause further complications leading to the deterioration of her body.

For eight months, my mother survived this condition because of constant medical treatment. I consumed my entire personal savings and had to allocate three-fourths of my salary in order to finance her medication and ongoing hemodialysis. Thankfully, my mother was accepted by the social services of the National Kidney Institute for a possible kidney transplant. This will hopefully address her kidney failure. Once all medical requirements and other necessary papers are confirmed, the transplant can be scheduled early next month.

Unfortunately, given the limited resources we have now, I’m afraid we cannot proceed with the transplant. I need a total of Php 690,000 to proceed and God knows that I have exhausted all means possible to sustain the expenses up to this point. This whole battle has been a challenge for me as I had to send and support my brother to college at the same time. Paternal support could not be expected anymore as the father has been already away from home. My mother still wants to live and I want the transplant to succeed to make this happen. She deserves this opportunity very much.

With this, I am knocking at your generous heart. If you or your family wish to help us raise funds or if you want to help us through referrals to organizations or institutions that can assist us in any way, please let me know.

I understand that this will entail a sacrifice on your end but I pray that through your generosity, you can help in realizing my fervent desire to save the life of my mother.

May God bless you and your family a thousand fold!

Yours sincerely,

Archie Riva


Archie Riva is a scholar graduate of the Ateneo de Manila University, BS MIS 07. He is an alumnus of the Ateneo Student Catholic Action, Cervini-Eliazo Resident Students Association and a current member of CFC Singles for Christ. He is now working as a systems analyst.

If you wish to donate and help raise funds, please click click on ‘I want to help’ above. Updates on Mrs. Riva’s condition will be shared regularly in this site. Thank you very much!


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