The result is out! It’s a 50% match.

I made a quick consult with the HOPE Coordinator in NKI since the doctor was not around. She mentioned that technically, the transplant can proceed. However, there is a catch. It would mean higher maintenance costs for ongoing immuno-suppresants and anti-rejection medicine of my mother.

So we can say that %match is inversely proportional to $ maintenance. Unfortunately, our current donor is non-related. It was consistent with the heads up given to us by NKI Social Service. Non-related or deceased donors give lower percentage of cross-match. (See why I can’t donate for now.)

According to NKI Social Service and the HOPE Coordinator, we have to prepare 75-80k a month! At this rate, we can only support the maintenance costs until end of the year. On the other hand, if the donor was related, we can spend 20-30k which is rather manageable, the cost is almost the same as her current dialysis.

So now my relatives and I are in a thinking mode. (1) Should we proceed with the transplant given the consequence or (2) should we postpone and find a relative that could give us a higher % match thus lowering maintenance costs?

Currently, we are inclined to do the first option as my mother really needs the transplant. At least this procedure will save her and recover her normal life while time permits it. How to patch up our monthly budget is a different story. We can always try to find ways again to make ends meet.

What do you think? I think this begins Chapter 2 of our Kidney Journey!

Side Note:

1.  There is another set of lab test results that shows positive CMV IgG and EBV IgG for the donor but I know not what they mean. Google says it has something to do with the presence of antibodies. I just hope they are not show-stoppers.

2.  There are still post cross-match tests required before the said transplant like CT Scan and Angiogram. Much preparation must be done too like the patient’s logistics before and after the transplant.