It was unfortunate that Auntie Nene did not make it as my mother’s donor. The doctor said her kidneys were already in the process of calcification and small particles of stones were already visible. Although they can still be treated through medications, the risk for kidney donation rests and remains. Therefore, no transplant happened on August.

We were all devastated. The test results were not expected as Auntie Nene already went through the same sets of tests last January and there were no signs of kidney calcification whatsoever. She went to Manila with my mother in the hope that their case was already near confirmation only to find out that six months after the initial tests, things have already changed.

We honestly felt betrayed. We felt that our prayers were not answered. Is it over now?

No! Well, not yet. I still would like to believe that this is not the answer to our prayers. Last June, a miracle happened with the help of my friends. We temporarily overcame financial difficulties and it allowed us to carry on. It does not make sense that after that miracle, the answer is ‘No’. Perhaps, the answer is ‘Wait, it’s not yet time’ or ‘Wait, better things are yet to come’.

On July 17, we left Manila in the hope to find new donors from our relatives and friends in Davao and GenSan.

At this point, we are but holding on to our faith. When prayers do not get answered, the best thing to do is to look back and trace little blessings that came along.  Discern if indeed the answer is a ‘No’. Going through the process, I can see that our situation now is entirely a different fight already but it is within the same original battle. It is not yet over I know and the battle continues…

I believe!