Imagine organizing a concert in a week’s time and yet the intent and objective were pulled off! This is another miracle. Thank you very much to Leslie Gabe and Gids Bendecion for making this benefit concert possible. And for my friend Bianca Roble for being the emcee during the night.

The event gave me a surreal feeling. It felt like the heavens came down and rendered their ethereal melodies. Unfortunately, my mother was not able to make it that night as she took a rest coming from a tiring workup in NKI. Nevertheless, I called her up and allowed her to listen to the performances of Anima, Baihana, Chorus Paulinus, Coro de Sta. Cecilia and the Sitio Payong Children’s choir. It surely gave her a certain level of healing.

Witness one of the performances that night through the video below: