A kidney transplant costs almost a million pesos. My mother needs a kidney transplant. I am the breadwinner of the family.

Now how can I ever make the transplant happen? I need a miracle! That’s what I just need and yes, that’s what actually just happened.

Around the last week of May this year, Auntie Raquel coordinated with NKI Social Service and endorsed my mother’s case. Their department is in charge of transplant subsidies for deserving families who need kidney transplant. Within a week, NKI called and requested my mother and Auntie Nene, the prospect donor, to appear for an interview. Right after the interview, NKI accepted my mother’s case and they gave us a discounted transplant package. The cost was significantly reduced.

A few weeks after that, I wrote a letter about my mother and published it in Facebook for fund-raising. I was hesitant at first due to the exposure it could bring us but if that was what it takes to save my mother’s life, then so be it. We received both moral and financial support although I already expected it would take us months to achieve our goal.  But in just about 3 weeks, we were able to reach the target amount and we were able to secure the transplant cost.

Who knew that this will happen? Indeed, miracles happen! It exists among a group of individuals unified by one goal. And the one force that allows miracles to happen is God! Everyday, I make offerings by saying the holy rosary. Each mystery is dedicated to a personal intention and the last mystery is reserved for the intentions of others. I lift up this sacrifice in deep faith that God will make a way. And surely He does.  If we believe in Him and truly remain in Him, what seems to be impossible can be made possible!

Current resources may be depleted in time but I know He will continue to be my force as long as I continue to fight! Alone, we cannot save my mother’s life. But in Him and with Him, rest assured that we can.

To sum it up, I want to share a video from the movie Joseph, King of Dreams. Like our kidney journey, it all started with a dream. As the lines of the song would say, “We have to give a little more than we take. You’re just a player in a much bigger plan, and still you have to give it all that you can”.

Believe and miracles do happen.