Last June, my mother and aunt had to go to Manila to carry on with their workup in National Kidney Institute. While I was uncertain about their logistics and daily itinerary, I also felt excited as that would be their first time to visit me and live with me in Manila.

Sharing below some of our unforgettable experiences:

  • They arrived in NAIA at around 11pm on June 3. Too bad my cellphone was low in battery and I cannot contact them. I sought assistance with the information counter to look for them. The lady officer was kind enough to offer her personal phone not for a call but for SIM-swap.
  • Prior to their stay, I didn’t have much home appliances as I didn’t feel the need to have them for myself.  To satisfy their needs and sanity, I had to fill my place with an electric stove, air-conditioner and a TV.
  • After extensively preparing for our logistics and finances, my immune system fell weak and got fever with cough. That time, what was supposed to be the patient became the caregiver at home.
  • Their day-to-day schedule: M-W-Sat: Dialysis. T-Th-F:  NKI Workup. Auntie Nene was very kind to be my mother’s personal nurse. They commute while going to these places, they already know how to get there via jeep or bus.
  • Now imagine the scene when they took a cab and the driver didn’t know the way to Paragon Building where Asia Renal Care is, mom’s dialysis center along EDSA. What a sure long ride it was!
  • They didn’t know that yellow cabs are airport taxi with higher meter rates. They only realized it when they got in one of them and saw that the fare is already more than a hundred bucks even if they were still in Makati! They certainly took another cab when they reached EDSA.
  • We couldn’t ask Auntie Nene to go down alone and run some errands. She’s afraid of elevators.
  • One day, Auntie Nene saw a patient in the dialysis room whose face was already dark and her jaws out of form. For a time, she became traumatized and I had to be her back-up to accompany my mom during dialysis.
  • I ate free home-cooked food for a month!
  • The extra sofa bed became my best friend every night. Mom and aunt had to sleep on my original bed.

Their stay in Manila was certainly not easy for me but looking back, I am thankful most especially to Auntie Nene. Of the 7 siblings of my mother, she was the one who said yes and her selflessness gave us the reason to work on the transplant more.