It is the same question I ask my mother.

No matter how many transplant orientations are conducted for her to understand that the whole procedure is safe and sustainable, she still believes that it is not right for the breadwinner to be the kidney donor. She is saying that for me to give up my kidney and at the same time work hard to make ends meet, it is simply unacceptable.

Then why not my younger brother?

All the more. She strongly feels against donation from her two sons, especially from my younger brother who has not yet experienced being confined in the hospital. “My body will just reject your kidneys in the same way that my conscience could not accept the circumstance,” she says.

Call it a mother’s love? I am not sure. But if it is, then her love for us becomes so selfless it could possibly destroy her. I will give her a chance to pursue other options like looking for potential donors from our relatives and friends as a way to respect her decision.

But if December comes and yet no donor is confirmed, no one can stop me from volunteering myself. She should also respect my decision.